Photography: A Different Perspective


Photo taken in my Studio on 10 September 2018

MUA: Danni Westlake 

(Instagram: @danniwestlake)

How did you get into modelling?

I have always been interested in modelling from a  young age, won a few small competitions as a child and I have loved it ever since.


When/where did you meet MissElisabeth?

September 2018 on Facebook

Where are you currently based?

Gillingham, Kent

In which month were you born?


What is your favourite colour?


[ME: Pink to make the boys wink!]

How can others contact you?

Instagram : @kerrie_bonathan_uk

Web: onlyfans bonroxxx

A fascinating fact about you is...

I have a secret tattoo on my bum lol

[ME: oo-er missus ]